Darkness: displays the beauty of light

In darkness when i can’t see a thing
i notice all of my other sense have started acting
my ears are much more attentive
and my sense of touch is much more sensitive

i learn how to walk, sometimes stumbling and sometimes i fall
lots of trial and error methods are going on
and i wish for a ray of light
which will become my guide

so i realize same goes with the
struggle to success,
tears to joy,
bondage to freedom and
hate to love

One makes another meaningful.

so i say Darkness is Good. Is it just the darkness of night that scares us!!

what about the unseen darkness of depression, and unfulfilled desires that leaves a human heart gloomy.
The darkness of poverty and discrimination that hurts a person’s dignity.
i think, human kind was made to explore, to learn and to enjoy

and hardships are inevitable joy that crosses our way all the time.
Learn from each and every experience.



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