FALSE: identity (A gentle reminder for you and me)

More than anything a false identity can lead to chaos.

Imagine how well a intruder can disguise himself/herself and can get an easy entry in your house or in your life.
With false identity their motives are not clear as they are not ready to disclose anything about them. can you still trust them!!

and sometimes even we too carry a false identity to represent ourselves or so to say to define ourselves.

Are you confused… what I am talking about!!
So here is a Hint.
think how well you are honest with yourself.
Do you know who you are!
Do you know what you want from this life!
Do you know whom you want and whom you don’t!

but what if you are giving a false identity of yourself too!
To be truthful it is funny cause when you try hard to show what you are not. It becomes an ultimate comedy show.
If you are doing this then you are on the correct path to finally reach the destination of REGRET.
Because in this ultimate comedy show you are mocking your uniqueness and your destiny.

FALSE teaching can lead to wrong PATH, which will give a false identity so be wise and Analyze before accepting any view or any idea. A young boy of age 21 can be turned into a terrorist (example: Ajmal Kasab) by false teaching. Let not you innocence be a reason for wrong choice.

A false identity will cost us much more than anything else.



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