Desert: Trial of Strength AND perseverance

I have seen people being strong when everything goes fine (normal) but a small disturbance causes huge turbulence and i wonder how one should cope up with trial !

Let’s imagine a desert:

  • full of sand
  • no water
  • rarely found trees and scrubs
  • hot sun
  • heated wind


The Mirage disappoints a person more than any other difficulty, Let it be the hot sun or storm. when a person gathers all of his strength and moves ahead in hope of getting water and all he gets is more sand. I just can’t imagine the depth of disappointment the person goes through but one thing is sure his journey is not yet finished .


  • He is allowed to cry
  • to breake down
  • to shout in anger
  • to be frustrated
  • to have a melt down

BUT he will have to gather all his strength Again… to fight back.
He may RUN, WALK or CRAWL,
But quitting is just not an option.
If he quits SURELY he will die.

so, one and only option fr the survival is to

Stand and fight back d  Desert.



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