Nightmare: a real one

Unable to play with words today,

so gonna say straight up what i have to say.

i have seen worst nightmares,

i remember waking up crying.

i still remember my mom consoling me,

making me realize that what i saw was not real.


i have been through much worst times

when i couldn’t sleep, i may not have the liberty to call those times or incidents as the nightmares

but they made me cry till i was exhausted and till i fell asleep with tears in my eyes.
A nightmare is FAR better than a “daymare”(if i may dare to call it one).
at least with nightmare you know that if you will open your eyes it will be over,
as it is not real
But in a daymare i have tried to close and open my eyes many times but time stands still and suddenly it dawns on me…

it is real!!
the pain is real..the hurt is real..!!

still i’m assured..Even though i cannot deny the reality

this daymare will end soon ..
same as a Nightmare does.

-Aastha on Nightmare


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