Amazing God: My Sanctuary

“uncertainty of this world makes my heart tremble
n somewhere I know it makes me more humble
I thought my mother loved me the most
but you remind me your love is more stronger

you say the hair on my head is also numbered
and you know the name of all stars without any fumble
I laugh at myself thinking how can I measure you so small
maybe this is the reason that sometimes I grumble

Again as I recollect whom I serve
I so clearly can see how much more of love and faith you deserve
I smile at my ignorance and lift my eyes to observe
and I see an amazing loving god watching over me from above

your wisdom, your love and your power fascinates me day by day
and I fall in love with you over n over again
The core substance of my life has changed
I find all worldly things as loss and you as my gain

you are almighty, everlasting, all powerful but still you can’t lie
you are holy, blameless, full of purity but still you love the sinner that is I”


in Sanctuary


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